But I guess you don’t need an hairdresser, accountant or lawyer either!



To grow yes, to stay still no

I find many businesses wanting to change, to grow, to create a long term future, to exit, yet they continue to do the same thing every day.


The innovation is still there yet the risks have changed.


Build from the rubble, whether you are a start-up, been in business for 50 years markets and business evolve.


Specialist, do I need one!

It’s hard to be in a business all day and be able to see the obvious.

Inside out

Imagine if you could start again without the mortgage, loans and other stresses. When did life become so complex.


What is your vision?

What would you say if you could go back and give yourself some advice 10 years ago?

Well what’s the score....


You would like some-one to look at your business with fresh eyes, provide some tested ideas and to be able to discuss your ideas and get real feedback.


I charge per session as I hate hourly and daily rates. We meet anywhere and I pay for food you buy the beer!


To start you can come to my house for a coffee or I will come to you and have a free chat to see if there is a clear opportunity to generate more profit for your business.


Then we will get to business.


Call 0845 6525012

What do you need?


Sales, Leads, Prospects, Online Strategy, Social Media, Profits, Cash, New Products, Finance, Exit Strategy?